Why is safety so important?

While on the road, truck drivers shoulder a great deal of responsibility. Businesses and individuals rely on rapid turnaround times in addition to relocating their fleet from one area to another. Truck drivers’ most crucial responsibility, however, is to adhere to safety requirements on a regular basis.

In the realm of trucking, safety is a major concern. In fact, according to the American Trucking Association, trucking safety costs $9.5 billion every year. This includes driver safety training, which accounts for 36% of the sector’s spending. On-board safety technology, safety incentive pay, and compliance with safety laws are among the other safety spending areas. It’s possible to save lives by inspecting the condition of your truck. It’s critical to inspect the brakes, steering, and other components as you travel along your route to avoid major accidents.

So, Patriot Transport always makes sure the fleet is in a good condition. We take quality seriously and do our utmost to ensure the safety of your cargo, our drivers and employees.