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Manager: Marek Galek

Locations: Sacramento, CA

Contact Information: (888) 889-5273 Ext. 420, (916) 330-3349

Location Happenings: The new Sacramento warehouse has been open since November 2014, and continues to serve the Northern California region for Pick-Ups and Deliveries. In addition, our Over-the-Road drivers haul freight that goes to many different regions of the U.S, including the East Coast, Midwest, and Southern states (AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, NC, MS, SC, TX). We haul anything from wine, beer and food products, to machine parts and furniture. Our warehouse is maintained and professionally managed to take the best care possible of the array of precious cargo that comes to our location. The total industrial space of our building is 24,000 SF, and our warehouse is large enough to store not only incoming and outgoing freight, but also service any other storage needs.



Welcome to the Patriot Sacramento office

A typical day at the Northern Clifornia Patriot Warehouse

Pavel is hard at work!

Ready to go!

Outside of Sacramento warehouse