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Q+A with Patriot Dispatcher Maria Hadyniak — Patriot Transport, Inc.
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Behind the scenes at Patriot, our team of dispatchers are hard at work keeping trucks and loads running smoothly. This month, we interview one of our dispatchers, Maria Hadyniak about her favorite part of the job, her thoughts on trucking and technology and more!


1. What are the duties of a dispatcher?

A dispatcher’s duty is to book loads, usually by means of Brokers, which in turn are hauled by the company’s trucks. The dispatcher dispatches the drivers, tracks the load delivery/pick-ups, and makes sure things are running smoothly. The dispatcher also reports any damage, or issues immediately to the broker & customer, so that they are aware.

2. What is your typical day like?

No day is truly the same. It usually starts with checking which deliveries are scheduled for the day, as well as pick-ups. Once this is established and assigned to drivers, it is tracked and input into the company’s system. Throughout the day, I am checking load boards and contacting various brokers, in order to see if certain loads are available, or if they have anything in our route. If I find the right load for the right price, I book it and immediately talk with the team and drivers, whom to assign this load to. I am tracking the drivers’ progress, and answering phone calls and e-mails from brokers as well. The day ends with checking off the completed deliveries in our system, communicating which loads need to be loaded by the warehouse employee(s), and checking in with the rest of the team to make sure everyone is aware of these items.

3. How do brokers play a role in what a dispatcher does?

Brokers play a large role, because through them we receive our loads. They are essential for trucking businesses, so that deliveries and pick-ups are booked, coordinated, and appointments can be made. Things run smoothly when the broker is communicating with the Dispatch team.

4. What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part is hearing about a good delivery, usually from our drivers. Since they are out there making these deliveries and pick-ups, they experience things first-hand. It’s nice to hear about positive experiences from your team.

5. Trucking is constantly changing, and technology is evolving. How do you think technology will be affecting the trucking industry in the future?
I think technology will help to not only continue to track and keep deliveries on time, but safety in trucking will improve. Hopefully cameras and monitors can be installed on trucks, so visibility will be a lot better, and it will be safer for trucks to drive on highways (especially tight ones).

6. What do you feel are the keys to being a successful dispatcher?
I believe consistency, good communication, and teamwork are essentials to being a good dispatcher.

7. Drivers are the backbone of trucking. How do you make sure to have a good relationship with drivers?
I make sure to always treat them with respect, and be understanding if there are any issues they are experiencing. I always try to respond and answer the phone when they call, and communicate to them with important information.

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